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To get a more personal feeling of living or visiting Marbella please feel free to click on some of the links below. These external links are provided to you as our selection of the most useful information about Marbella. They are collected and displayed as part of online link collaboration.


Marco's Blog
Some frank opinions about some of our properties and about Marbella. Will give you another perspective and hopefully give you more of a personal feeling of the area and properties.
--- Sunday Times has this week published a feature by Alexander Goss entitled; "Where in the world to find hot property deals" ---

French Blog
Humour and details and events in Marbella. Good place to meet other french speakers. The french community is one of the most rapidly expanding communities here in Marbella.
--- Quel prix peut-on estimer pour vivre proche de Puerto Banus? Voir plus haut dans: ---

Marbella Family Fun
Interesting details about life here in Marbella. Written by someone living here, gives you a good insight into normal life. Is a must read for parents thinking of coming here.
--- Experience the most fun you ever had with your family here in Marbella! ---
--- Lets face it! Travelling with kids is "different"... ---

Another blog with views about property. More of a general view and perspective of what is happening here in Spain and more particularly Marbella.
--- No place that I have visited or lived in is perfect. All have strengths and weaknesses but the Costa del Sol is truly a beautiful place; ---


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Other links

The Weather Channel
The coming weather for Marbella. Although we get a disproportiantely high number of sunny days here it is worth checking the forecast as not every day is sunny.

Marbella Info
Great website for information and events in and around Marbella. Good to get details for services and companies aswell as parties and opening events. Special offers and a feedback section that lets you see what other people think of restaurants etc.
--- Many of you will know that the Costa del Sol is also known as Costa del Golf. This is hardly surprising as it has over 60 Golf courses stretching from Malaga to Sotogrande all because of the fantastic climate allowing golfers to play year round. ---
--- Well known for being a playground for the rich and famous, Marbella has a cosmopolitan attitude combined with Andalucian traditions and hospitality.---

Foreign exchange
Good place to check todays spot rates. They are very helpful and can save you money. This is an alternative way to transfer funds from the banks. The rates are generally keener and the commissions lower.
--- You might be thinking of using your bank to exchange or to buy currency- well think again! Save Thousands by using IMS Foreign Exchange. ---

Carlos Hartig
Insurance is important and the level of service is key. For very good service and one of the few places where you still get personal attention. Website is in Spanish but the service is in Spanish, English, German and Swedish.
--- Somos un despacho de Asesores de Seguros exclusivos de Catalana Occidente, con una experiencia en el sector de más de 25 años. ---

Ricardo Rincon
Trusted lawyers. Good knowledge and service. One of the most important people to trust, your lawyer. Professional service and efficient response.
--- It is no secret that the southern part of Europe has experienced a growth in the real-estate sector, especially on the Costa del Sol where our offices are located. For this reason, and to guarantee that this kind of transaction is legally sound, ---

KH Photography
For fantastic commercial photos speak to Kevin and for weddings speak to Talia. This team have an excellent reputation and are very well know on the coast for what they do.
--- Kevin Horn has been a commercial photographer for 20 years and still produces the freshest photographs for his clients in the UK and Spain every day. ---

Links to the websites of some of our clients